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Everyone has a different way of how they study and making it work for them as they are studying is just their own personal way and how they are comfortable. Some people don’t prefer to study in a large group or with a tutor some people rather work in a group then by themselves, this tips would be one I would find most effective for creating a study environment, because I have my own way of studying also and everyone is comfortable doing it their own way so making your learning style work for you as you study is going to affect the outcome of the reasoning behind why your studying. If you have a completely hard time studying and don’t remember anything you studied or anything of the information you took in the probability your results will fail so making it work could be very important. Another tip I find most effective for creating a study environment would be managing my time wisely I don’t want to sit and over study and stress myself out with too much information that I’m overloading myself. Properly getting ready for assignments and exams by using my time wisely and managing the perfect amount of time with a schedule that will help me be successful while studying could help in the long run, being a full time student, worker and mother managing time and organizing to fit everything in properly will help me with getting good grades and properly create a proper study environment and defiantly help with grades by managing…...

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...the product which she gives to her baby, you have to trust the medicine you take, when it comes to health care people have to trust and with buying the J&J products people give Johnson & Johnson something back. ( What to do in the Future The company has simply to adapt to the new market situations. People get older and chronicle health disorders are becoming more frequent. J &J has to fulfil these needs if they want to stay on top of the league. Sometimes it is useful to make partnerships or new collaborations to be innovative. It will become vital to recognise and explore new markets. For example the Asian market is booming right now and more people are in the middle class and with the money the striving for better health care increases. J&J has to be one of the first who fulfils this needs and earns the trust of these people. It is also important to get the attention of these people in the new markets therefore you have to adapt the product on the market environments. For example J&J launched Listerine Green Tea for the Asian market. ( List of literature Jamal Shamsie, 2007, Johnson & Johnson Renata Jennings, 2013, Copy of SWOT Analysis: Johnson & Johnson Leslie P. Norton, 2013, Embracing the J&J credo

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...Summers Daniel Vijayakumar SUMMARY Johnson & Johnson (“J&J”), one of the largest, well-known organizations in the world, produces products for consumer health care and for use by medical professionals in care and diagnostics. Some of their most recognizable brands include Tylenol, Neutrogena, Listerine, Band-Aid and Reactine. These, along with their many other brands, are produced in over 60 countries by more than 250 different operating companies that make up the J&J organization. In total, more than 114,000 employees are part of the organization, and they are managed through a system of decentralized management with a wide span of control. J&J faces the unique challenge of trying to create one corporate culture that all parts of their organization believe in and adhere to. One of the strategies used to combat these obstacles is values-based leadership and linking employees and subsidiaries under a common set of values, as outlined in "Our Credo". J&J works extremely hard to uphold their Credo, which was written by Robert Wood Johnson – one of the founders of the organization – in 1943. It is a set of values that J&J vow to work by and which lend to the present culture that is so important in the organization today. J&J also attempts to induce a culture of innovation and promote diversity and acceptance of differences throughout its subsidiaries. Since organizational culture is such a vital piece in connecting J&J’s subsidiaries, a very strong culture has developed. In......

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...organization. Through this, they will be able to build a good relationship and positive image to the public. * A company must implement a long-term solution in every problem, especially if its concern is about the environmental and health situation of the affected areas and individuals. V. REFERENCES Gatdula, D., (2013). Petron claims responsibility, apologizes for oil spill, The Philippine Star. Retrieved from: Holba, C., et al., (2014). Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: FAQs, Links, and Unique Resources at ARLIS (Alaska Resources Library and Information Services). Retrieved from: Jiang, J. (2011). Exxon Valdez Spill Case Study Summary: Crisis Management and Strategies. Retrieved from: Parker, W., Wunnicke, E., Hayes, M., et al., (1990). Spill: The Wreck of the Exxon Valdez, Implications for Safe Marine Transportation. Report of the Alaska Oil Spill Commission Executive Summary. Retrieved from: Skinner, S., and Reilly, W. (2015). The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill: A Report to the President (Executive Summary). United States Environmental Protection Agency. Retrieved from: Smith, R., (2007). Exxon Valdez Oil Spill,......

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...model for social responsibility. Moreover, the company is clearly prepared for the many challenges its ever-changing international business environment poses. Due to its strategic positioning and eye on the future, Johnson & Johnson will likely survive another century. REFERENCES Academic Visit to Johnson & Johnson, Prague, Czech Republic. “2008 Annual Report.” Johnson & Johnson Gassman, Oliver, Gerrit Reepmeyer and Maximilian von Zedtwitz. “Leading Pharmaceutical Innovation.” Springer “The Global Pharmaceutical Industry.” Duke University “Mental health drug market tapped out?” “Our Credo Values.” Johnson & Johnson. “Patent Expirations Behind J&J Cuts, C&T Looks Closer at Patents.” Cosmetics and Toiletries “Porter's Five Forces: A Model For Industry Analysis.” QuickMBA “A Recent History Of The Pharmaceutical Industry.” Venture Navigator...

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....................................................................................................62 . 1. L’ Azienda 2.1 Informazioni generali Johnson & Johnson è una società farmaceutica multinazionale americana che produce farmaci, apparecchiature mediche e prodotti per la cura personale e l'automedicazione. Il quartier generale della società è situato a New Brunswick (New Jersey), USA. La sua divisione prodotti di consumo è situata a Skillman (New Jersey). La società comprende circa 230 filiali che operano in 57 diversi stati. I suoi prodotti sono venduti in 175 diversi paesi. Nella seguente figura è rappresentata la distribuzione nei vari paesi in funzione dell’anno di insediamento: Figura 1: Filiali J & J nel mondo In particolare troviamo: * Europa: Austria, Belgio, Croazia, Finlandia, Francia, Germania, Gran Bretagna, Italia, Olanda, Polonia, Repubblica Ceca, Slovacchia, Slovenia, Svezia, Turchia, Spagna, Portogallo, ecc. * America del Nord: Stati Uniti, Canada. * America del Sud: Brasile, Argentina, Perù, Colombia, Messico, Venezuela, Cile ecc. * Asia: Giappone, India, Cina, , Filippine, Thailandia, ecc. * Oceania: Australia, Nuova Zelanda, ecc. * Africa: Sud Africa, Egitto. La società si presenta con molti brand, tra cui i principali sono: I prodotti che offre coprono una vasta gamma di farmaci di prescrizione e da banco, linee di fasciature e medicazioni,......

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