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1) Which of the following is NOT a best practice for using lists?

a) Name each list

b) Create interest by varying each entry by beginning with a different kind of word (noun, verb,

adjective, or adverb)

c) Minimize or eliminate confusing nested lists

d) Capitalize the first word in each item. End all items with a period only if at least one item is a

complete sentence.

2) Recommended ways to explain how your proposal is organized include a Table of Contents, section

introductions, and what?

a) Compliance Matrix

b) Theme statement

c) Endnotes in an appendix

d) List of graphics

3) How should opportunities be qualified?

a) By analyzing customer, competition and capability

b) By analyzing competition

c) By value only

d) By solution only

4) Unless the RFP specifies otherwise, numbered subheadings should be limited to how many levels?

a) 2

b) 3

c) 4

d) 5

5) When estimating the required expert resources for writing detailed technical proposal sections for

which no boilerplate exists, which of the following metrics is typical?

a) 1 page/person day

b) 4 pages/ person day

c) 10 to 15 pages/person day

d) More than 25 pages/person day

6) Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding Price and Value?

a) Price is what you charge for a product or service

b) The customer will always attribute value to additional features that have not been requested

c) Value and price are the same

7) Why is it important to qualify opportunities before committing time and effort?

a) To ensure internal resource is fully utilized

b) To maximize win rate

c) To raise your profile with the customer

d) To undercut the competition

8) Which is correct?

a) A BAFO normally comes before a RFP

b) An ITT normally comes before a RFI

c) A RFP normally comes before a RFI…...

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