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English 10 Student’s vs Technology

According to Daniel Willingham, the average student is on his or her phone for up to 8 hours a day. Technology is everywhere, but it shouldn’t be in classrooms. The reason being is, because of student behavior, the device being non-motivating, and a decrease of productivity.

Student behavior is a major reason why cell phones shouldn’t be in classrooms. Technology use increases the risk of cyberbullying among students. In 2011, 28 percent of students reported being bullied; nine percent of those were cyberbullied (Simmons). When cyber bullying occurs a students are under constant stress and depression. Students who undergo cyber bullying have a very low self-esteem, compared to those with little or no experience to cyber bullying (Simmons).

Cell phones can also be non-motivating to students. For example, certain music types are distracting based on what the student is listening too. By multi tasking there is a risk on the student’s accuracy and speed (Willingham). When a student is trying to multi task, he or she does their work not as well as they would do if one at a time. For example, a student may have work due the next day and will try to multi task, but won’t get the same results if they did one at a time.

Devices will be a major decrease of productivity if in classrooms. According to Willingham, twenty five percent of students report watching TV or chatting with friends while doing their homework. If students are doing this at home, imagine them with cell phones in class. Students only have a limited amount of “working room”, and by multi tasking they run out of that space (Willingham). If a student runs out of this work space they start to get stressed out over the work they are doing. Multitasking leads to lack of mental control, and may…...

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