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Equations and Inequalities
Unit Overview

Investigating patterns is a good foundation for studying Algebra 1.
You will begin this unit by analyzing, describing, and generalizing patterns using tables, expressions, graphs, and words. You will then write and solve equations and inequalities in mathematical and real-world problems.

Key Terms

As you study this unit, add these and other terms to your math notebook. Include in your notes your prior knowledge of each word, as well as your experiences in using the word in different mathematical examples. If needed, ask for help in pronouncing new words and add information on pronunciation to your math notebook. It is important that you learn new terms and use them correctly in your class discussions and in your problem solutions.

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Academic Vocabulary
• consecutive
Math Terms
• sequence
• common difference
• expression
• variable
• equilateral
• equation
• solution
• formula
• literal equation
• compound inequality
• conjunction
• disjunction
• absolute value
• absolute value notation
• absolute value equation
• absolute value inequality

How can you represent patterns from everyday life by using tables, expressions, and graphs?
How can you write and solve equations and inequalities?

These assessments, following
Activities 2 and 4, will give you an opportunity to demonstrate what you have learned about patterns, equations, and inequalities.
Embedded Assessment 1:

Patterns and Equations

p. 33

Embedded Assessment 2:

Inequalities and Absolute

p. 61



Getting Ready
Write your answers on notebook paper.
Show your work.
1. What is 2 + 4 ?
3 5
2. What condition must be met before you can add or subtract fractions?
3. Jennifer is checking Megan’s…...

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