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Unit 1 Assignment: Impact of a Data Classification Standard
In regards to the Internal Use Only data it is important that Richman Investments is aware that there are many IT infrastructures that are affected; such as the User Domain, the LAN-to-WAN Domain and the Remote Access Domain.
The User Domain in my opinion is the most important because the user is the creator of any problem that may occur on the network at anytime. I believe if the employee is happy in their workplace, they are always made felt important and they feel protected and secure they will not cause any problems amongst other fellow co-workers which will lead to the company losing its prestige; this will jeopardize the company in the long run. This includes malicious emails to other co-workers, breaking security policies by entering co-worker workstations, inappropriate web browsing, uploading/downloading, etc.
The LAN-to-WAN domain is also affected because if proper firewall administration is not in place and proper security measures taken to the many open ports that may be available by accessing the web; this leaves the company’s information vulnerable to being stolen. This should be kept confidential to local employees only, otherwise it may be leaked to other competing firms who may be able to steal/copy ideas and this will jeopardize the company’s growth as well. It is vital that strictly only the company employees & authorized users can access direct company information.
Another domain affected is the Remote Access Domain. The email servers need to always be properly secured to avoid any hacking or stealing of any confidential company information whether it is physically or via internet access or Wi-Fi access. All patches should properly secure to avoid this from occurring. Make sure all server rooms are properly secured as…...

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