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Andrew Young
5607 S. Cannery Ave
New Orleans, Louisiana Cell (504) 369-8145

Christian Aid
750 Oxford Circus London, England 5X$ 739

Dear Mr. Mukarjee:
I am writing to submit my application for the position of Director of Interfaith Dialogue.
I have worked for over forty years in South Africa and England to bring diverse communities together across lines of race, class and religion. During my tenure as Archbishop of Cape Town I provided pastoral care and leadership to people of faith who were working to overturn the evils of apartheid.
Once our country dismantled the apartheid system, I worked tirelessly to help poor people in our communities gain the basics of life, including food and medical care. This is when I first had the opportunity to work with Christian Aid. Our collaboration lead to the improvement of thousands of lives. Through this collaboration I managed a $10 million budget and managed a staff of over three hundred people.
Since stepping down as Archbishop of Cape Town, I have traveled the world meeting with leaders from many world religions to discuss ways in which people throughout the world can work for peace and a better future. This work has uniquely prepared me for a position like Director of Interfaith Dialogue. My sincere respect for other cultures and religions and my deep engagement with the teachings of Christianity will allow me to fulfill the demands of this important position.
I look forward to arranging an interview soon to discuss how I may join your organization and contribute to fulfilling the mission of serving poor people of all religious backgrounds around the world.

Andrew Young…...

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 * Project Coordinator for ‘Giving for Living’ – A Donation Drive for Mokhada Village, during which we donated 1500kgs of clothes. 
 * Project Coordinator for ‘Conquerence’ (2013 & 2014) – A Sports Day for ‘Differently abled Kids’, which was inaugurated by Shri Amitabh Bachchan. 
 * Project Coordinator for ‘Sanskruti’ – A fundraiser for underprivileged kids, wherein we collected and donated Rs.200,000. 
 * Chaired events like resume writing workshop, finance workshop, blood donation camps, and handwriting analysis workshop. 
 * ●  Working as a Volunteer at Teach for India (Sep’14 – Present). 
 * ●  Volunteer for ‘Divya Prabha’ - An orphanage for young girls (Apr’13 – Present). 
 * ●  Content writer for college magazine – Vishwakarma and also published a technical article comparing the conventional Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and the advanced form of storage media - Solid State Drive (SSD). 
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