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Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results Paper

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Analysis of Newspaper Research Report Results Paper
Diana Hernandez
Dr. Silvio Di Gregorio

Introduction In this article, Wang (2014) has written about several studies which allow us to explore the possibility of risk factors that are associated with the link to autism before birth, and to look at what scientific evidence is showing as opposed to what the media coverage speculates about autism. This challenges us to approach the risks of autism different from what recent press attention has written about it and to explore other clues into autistic brains.
The Statistical Procedures Mentioned in the Study New studies show that abnormalities may appear in autistic brains prior to birth. The purpose of this article is to open people’s eyes to true risk factors associated with autism and not false beliefs. The measure of risk ratio was used to compare odds of different circumstances in the life and environment of autistic children. The big question Wang asks is “How large is the increase risk for autism?” According to the CDC (2015), the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) network estimates one out of every 68 children is identified with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In the last few years, the focus has shifted from environmental factors and the diagnosis at the age of two or three, and the new focus is on the importance of inheritance factors. The risk factors are divided into two sections. One side shows the amount of time the press and media has focused on newspapers and articles claiming the risks of autism within their story, most notably in the subject of childhood vaccination and air pollutants such a mercury (Wang, 2014). Next, a side comparison of actual risks based on more than 20 years of scientific research, depicts several different factors where autism are more likely to develop. These include the expected development in an identical autistic twin (with an added risk of 8,300%), injury to the cerebellum at birth (37% developed autism), and prematurity of nine weeks or more (Wang, 2014). The topic of vaccinations shows no statistical significant risk, where ten studies found no link between the two.
The Conclusions Reached in the Study This study can conclude that there are a multitude of different risk factors we should take into consideration when thinking about autism. Besides what we have read about vaccinations and chemicals in the environment, other factors prior to birth may give big clues into the true origins of autism and all it’s mysteries. Aside from these pre-birth factors, many of today’s stressors may cause high levels of stress that may affect the infant’s brain development and release more stress hormones and interact with the infant.
The Appropriateness of the Conclusions I believe these conclusions are appropriate because of what scientific evidence is illustrating. For example, there is now a strong evidence of different areas in the brain having damage seen in autistic brains including dysfunctional prefrontal cortex and disturbances in prenatal development (Stoner, R., Chow, M. L., Boyle, M. P., Sunkin, S. M., Mouton, P. R., Roy, S. & Courchesne, E., 2014). Given the strong percentage of actual risks and the lower percentage of what was previously convinced as false risks for autism development, this article helps bring the focus back to what essentially can answer questions about this disorder and how to cope.
Reasoning Behind the Appropriateness This article was appropriate because it searched and used several years of sound research on the topic, while using different risk ratios to describe different risks of autism from the prenatal period, until childhood developments unfold. These statistical measures provide families and researchers with an idea of what origins of brain development and childhood development influence the disorder, while studying more about it and it’s preventable measures. The article leads us to explore and study different brain regions that might be affected in autism.
Were the Findings Statistically Significant? The findings in this article are statistically significant. A variety of factors were studied in order to obtain results of risks associated with autism. Furthermore, added risk were calculated an examined.
Why or Why Not and Your Rationale for Your Decision These factors went through specific topics which have influenced many beliefs about where and what causes this disorder and provides a value and percentage according to scientific evidence. Throughout several factors, the risks factors out number what previous percentages were reported on autism. For example, a total of 40 articles included claims of a vaccine-autism connection, when scientific research has found no statistical significant risk. It can be concluded with sonograms, antidepressant use in pregnancy, prematurity of 3-8 weeks, and the birth month.
The Level of Significance For this study, the level of significance is .01-highly significant. A variety of factor that I have previously studies on the topic of autism were presented and discussed. Ratio values were listed and examined as far as what added risk it had. I enjoyed reading this article because it provides the reader if information about a very misunderstood disorder. Scientist want to study and understand how to diagnosis and treat autism, but to a parent, knowledge is a powerful tool that helps provide answers and reduce added stressor they may have.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2015). Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Data and Statistics. Retrieved from
Stoner, R., Chow, M. L., Boyle, M. P., Sunkin, S. M., Mouton, P. R., Roy, S., & Courchesne, E. (2014). Patches of disorganization in the neocortex of children with autism. New England Journal of Medicine. 370(13), 1209-1219.
Wang, S. (2014, March 29). How to Think About the Risk of Autism. The New York Times. Retrieved from…...

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