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Aristotle plot structure developed the four elements use to create events in the story. It tells the reader captivating and visualizations of what goes on in the overall story. What makes plot appealing is not what happen in the story but why did it happen.1 “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopkin uses the four basic elements. Writer uses the four components to create pieces of the stories to captivate the reader’s attention. The four elements are exposition, complication, climax, and resolution. Using “The Story of an Hour” by Kate Chopkin, is a prime example of the four elements that is use to create the plot of the story.
The first element of plot structure is exposition. “The exposition is the information needed to understand the story”. 1 In the beginning of the story the protagonist, Mrs. Louise Mallard was known for her heart problem. Josephine her sister and Richard, who is Mrs. Mallard’s husband friend did not know how to break the news to Mrs. Mallard that her husband is dead. It was stated in the newspaper that Mr. Brently Mallard’s name was listed in the railroad disaster. The exposition gives the great detail of the story. When there is exposition there is complication that introduces the problem of the story.
Complication is the second element of plot structure. “The complication is the catalyst that begins the major conflict”.1 After Mrs. Mallard was told that her husband is dead; she weeps in an instance and ran into her room. She wanted to be left alone trying to deal with the grief over her husband death. Looking out the window from her room, something came over her. How the clouds are clearing up after the rain. Mrs. Mallard realize that life lives on and her internal dilemma is control. She kept whispering to herself “Free! Body and soul free!” From then Louise knew there is no one to live for and she would live for herself. A stare out the…...

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 Shake off this downy sleep, death's counterfeit,
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 As from your graves rise up, and walk like sprites
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