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Analysis of Eye Socket Girls by Paula Bomer
In the course of history, the ideal of a woman has changed a lot. In newer, postmodern times, the female body ideal has changed radically. With the technology advancing significantly in this period, it creates an even easier way of setting more focus on how the ideal woman should look. The medias, commercials and famous fashion houses are now defining what the perfect woman is supposed to look like. This often results in teenage girls starving themselves to loose weight, and tries to strive for this unachievable woman ideal. The story “Eye Socket Girls” by Paula Bomer takes this up to a postmodern perspective, where we follow an anorectic girl at a hospital.

The time is hard to pinpoint exactly, but there’s some hints throughout the story. A TV, and the American actress Winona Ryder are mentioned when the narrator describes how obesity takes over “weak” High-School girls. This description indicates that the story takes place in the late 90’s or early 00’s. The female ideal at this time was to be as thin and bony as possible as described in the story “We look voraciously at one another. We envy the protruding bones of someone who is that much closer to not being here at all” (p. 112, l. 11-12) when she tells about the anorectic ward where she is hospitalized.

The story takes place in an American hospital ward, where the only patients are anorectics. The story signifies that it is taking place in America, since the narrator is talking about high school girls. One of the similes of the ward is that it smells like playbo. Also the narrator sets a tone of a prison like hospital ward “Open a window, please - I won’t jump - I’m not a suicide patient. I just don't eat.” (p. 112, l. 3-5) but this is normal for a hospital ward, and therefore only a feeling the narrator has.

The narrator, who is also the main character, is…...

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