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The Following analysis is about a watch that appears in an ad for Diamonds International St. Lucia. A watch is being advertised of which Diamonds International is the exclusive agent in Saint Lucia. The brand of watch is Longines. The ad appeared in Visions of St. Lucia page 19, Volume 2, 2011 edition. The ad also appeared in the Visions of St. Lucia as this publication is the premier advertising magazine, St. Lucian businesses use to market the products and services they sell. Visions of St. Lucia is the local publication created for St. Lucians and visitors alike so that they can find out what products and services are available across the island. It must also be noted that Diamonds International market their products exclusively to visitors especially high-end visitors who require pricey items. The ad suggests that the Longines watch appears to be a high-end product because the former Ms. Universe Aishwarya Rai is wearing it. Normally Ms. Universe winners are synonymous with high-end products and fashion. Miss Universe also appears in strictly expensive product commercials. (New York Times 2008) The environment that she is in modelling the watch as well as the dress she is wearing indicates that the product is an extremely pricey product. It is these features likewise the distributor Diamonds International that suggest that the item is a luxury item; made for the wealthy and well fortuned market in the watch industry.
Longines uses a previous miss Universe, Aishwarya Rai to display their product. The watch capitalizes on the fame of the star to showcase the confidence and stature, a person can have when they wear this watch. In wearing this item they can feel like a winner... like Rai. The print advertisement uses the wrists of the model to showcase the piece available for purchase…...

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