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Concessions Order Request Process Description

When concession stands become low on product, employees inform supervisors what items need to be ordered. Each supervisor is assigned to a specific stand so that issues can be addressed immediately. Supervisors call the warehouse and place an order for products that are requested. The warehouse employees deliver the order when the event is in session. This is to avoid delays. The following is an
Issues with the Communication of Orders

Being a cook, our workspace is located at the back end of each concession stand. The area is filled with various amounts of noises from employee communication with one another, to the noises of fryers. It happens frequently that supervisors tend to misinterpret messages due to high noise levels.


Impact from Sales

When orders are placed late, rush orders are often not delivered in time for intermission. Late delivers causes lack of items available to fill orders which causes items taken off the menu for the rest of the event. As result, loss of sales from potential customers orders that could have been satisfied if the products were available on time.

Impact from Customer Complaints

Without necessary actions, these customers could potentially take their business to competing companies.

RESOLUTION SUPPORT have full support to further resolve these issues. He emphasized solving these issues will increase staff’s productivity and prevent further consequences to the company from occurring. Increasing productivity would also decrease the likelihood of customer complaints that the company would have to deal with.


Although many of the employees are aware of the order request process, problems still persist from personal observation. Problems that include late order and communications need to be addressed so that concession stands are not put in a vulnerable position and maintain retaining customers. We believe that it is necessary for supervisors and employees to communicate in a way where both parties understand what is being communicated. As a result, further examination of the issues should be investigated so that problems can be resolved in an appropriate manner.…...

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