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An Essay on the Changing Role of the Human Resource Department.

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The impact of information technology on the HR function transformation

By Yu Long 0123404

Graduation Committee: First supervisor: Dr. T. Bondarouk Course coordinator: Pro. Dr. J. K. Looise

Master Thesis, Business Administration HRM University of Twente March, 2009

This master thesis concludes my life as a student, which is performed under the supervision of Twente University in the Netherlands. The research is the terminal of the program Human Resource Management. Doing this research not only improves my skill on literature searching, information analysis, but helps me to gain more profound knowledge about e-HR. During the research, I have got great support from several persons, and now, here is the opportunity to thank them. At first, I give special thanks to Jiajie Li, my boyfriend. He accompanies with me during the whole research period. Besides dealing with my impatient and anxious attitude, he also put great effort on improving my thesis. His optimistic and serious attitude influences me, and makes me continue the research with better and better results every time. His support is very meaningful for my research period. Secondly, I would like to thank Ms. Tanya Bondarouk, and Prof. Jan Kees Looise for their excellent support, feedback and guidance. Both of them give me fruitful advice on how to improve my work. And they always give me timely feedback on my work, which encourages and makes me belief that I can hand in a satisfactory report under the effort. At last, I would like to thank my family and friends for supporting me not only during this research period, but also throughout my life, my study and everything I undertake. Yu Long Den Haag, March 2009


Management Summary
Information technology is expected to improve the performance of Human Resource Management (HRM) by shifting its focus from administration or personnel…...

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