An Analysis of Gender Roles in Disney Princess Films

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An Analysis of Gender Roles in Disney Princess Films

Jasmit Singh
Traditional and Popular Culture – 1900 9.0
Susan Niazi – Tutorial 6
Whether it’s the colours they wear, the activities they engage in or how they behave, men and women are known to play different roles in society. These established gender roles “are not innate or natural but a product of society”. Children, adolescents and adults all learn gender roles through the environment they’re surrendered by. One of the many huge influencers that help shape gender roles is media. Although “there has been a lot of change over the years in terms of what is considered appropriate societal roles for men and women, this change is not reflected in contemporary film”. The ideology of mainstream media continues to focus on the males being the heads of society, which in result, shows an unequal representation of the females. From an early age, media puts an image into young minds, informing them how males and females should think, act, behave and appear. In many television shows and films, one can easily see the distinct difference between the role of a male and a female. Often films are enforcing stereotypical gender roles where the male is seen to holds more importance in society than the female. Amongst many film producing companies, Walt Disney Pictures for decades have been enforcing stereotypical gender roles in their princess films.
Though it may not be outright obvious, Disney productions play a huge role in fostering gender roles through the 1930’s to now. Many child in developed countries have grown up watching Disney movies. At a young age they are exposed to beautiful princess depending on men to be their saviours, and handsome princes going through many obstacles to save them. Disney’s animation films are a prime example of how society’s traditional and stereotypical views on gender roles…...

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