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Annual report 2010/11

burberry An iconic british luxury brand established in 1856 leverages its rich heritage, proven strategies and talented team to assure sustainable, profitable growth on a global scale


4 8 12 18 22 28 44 54 58 66 68 71 76 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93

Financial highlights Chairman’s letter Chief Executive Officer’s letter Executive team Burberry Group overview Strategy Business and financial review Risk Corporate responsibility Board of Directors Directors’ Report Corporate governance Directors’ Remuneration Report Statement of directors’ responsibilities Independent auditors’ report to the members of Burberry Group plc Group income statement Group statement of comprehensive income Group balance sheet Group statement of changes in equity Group statement of cash flows Notes to the financial statements

133 Five year summary 135 Independent auditors’ report to the members of Burberry Group plc 136 Company balance sheet 137 Notes to the Company financial statements 141 Shareholder information 143 Executive team




Total revenue (Year to March)

11 10 10* 09 08 07
0 1501

1,501 1,185 1,280 1,202 995 850

Retail revenue (Year to March)

11 10 10* 09 08 07
0 962

962 710 749 630 484 410

Wholesale revenue (Year to March)

11 10 10* 09 08 07
0 489

441 377 434 489 426 354

Revenue by channel in 2010/11
Retail 64% Wholesale 29% Licensing 7%


Adjusted operating profit (Year to March)

11 10 10* 09 08 07 Adjusted operating profit is stated before exceptional items Reported operating profit £302.1m (2010: £216.5m)
0.000000 301.100006

301.1 219.9 219.9 180.8 206.2 185.1

Net cash/(debt) (As at 31 March 2011)

11 10 09 08 07
0.000000 297.899994

297.9 262.0 7.6 (64.2) (2.8)

Adjusted diluted…...

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