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Ais Hw Chapter 1

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Mariajose Anare
ACG 4401 M & W
August 31, 2015
Chapter 1 HW


The cost and benefits of information may be difficult to quantify as the book estates. And given the difficulty at times any organization may produce information that exceeds cost without realizing it until it too late. Producing information that is valuable but costly does not sound like a good idea, however there are times when organization are force by law to produce information regardless of the cost. For example the IRS mandates regular tax reports quarterly; this practice may cause the organization you spend more than the benefit they may obtain from the information.


The characteristics that make information useful could go both ways; it can be met simultaneously or one can hider another. For example when information is accessible to users, then it becomes verifiable because independent users can check it; when information is verifiable, then it is reliable because it can be trusted. Information that is relevant it’s usually understandable and presented at the right time. However there are times when a focus on one particular characteristic may lessen others. If the focus is to have a complete report, it may not necessarily be presented at the proper time. Therefore complete information may not be timely. Accessible information may not always be easily understandable making it unverifiable.

Problem 4

1. Relevant – F. An accountant receivable aging report is used in credit-granting decision.
2. Reliable - E. A report was checked by three different people for accuracy
3. Complete - D. An accounts receivable aging report included all customer accounts.
4. Timely – G. An accounts receivable again report was received before the credit manager had to make a decision whether to extend credit to a customer.
5. Understandable – A. The report was carefully designed so that the data contained in the report became information to the reader.
6. Verifiable – C. The data in a report was checked by two clerks working independently
7. Accessible –B. The manager was working one weekend and needed to find some information about production request for a certain customer. He was able to find the report on the company’s network.
Problem 8
a. Expenditure
b. Financing
c. Human resource/ payroll
d. Revenue
e. Expenditure
f. Human resource/ payroll
g. Expenditure
h. Revenue
i. Production
j. Revenue
k. Human resources/payroll
l. Revenue
m. Financing
n. Human resources/ payroll
o. Expenditure
p. Expenditure
q. Human resources/ payroll
r. Revenue
s. Revenue
t. Financing
u. Human resources/ payroll
v. Expenditure
w. Expenditure

Mariajose Anare
ACG 4401 M & W
August 31, 2015
Chapter 2 HW

Problem 5 a. Data processing. – 10
b. Source documents – 23
c. Turnaround documents – 7
d. Source data automation – 16
e. General ledger – 1
f. Subsidiary ledger – 13
g. Control account – 26
h. Coding – 21
i. Sequence code – 2
j. Block code – 25
k. Group code – 19
l. Mnemonic code – 22
m. Chart of accounts – 4
n. General journal – 8
o. Specialized journal – 17
p. Audit trail – 3
q. Entity – 11
r. Attribute – 9
s. Field – 6
t. Record – 24
u. Data value – 5
v. Master file – 12
w. Transaction file – 14
x. Database – 18
y. Batch processing – 20
z. Online, real-time processing – 15

Problem 6

a. Online, real-time
b. Online, real-time
c. Batch
d. Online, real-time
e. Batch
f. Batch
g. Batch
h. Online, real-time
Problem 8

a. Master file
b. Master file
c. Transaction file
d. Transaction file
e. Master file
f. Transaction file
g. Transaction file
h. Master file
i. Master file
j. Master file
k. Master file
l. Transaction file…...

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