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American airlines leadership

American Airlines Leadership
American Airlines has a very unique history being the first “major airline” in the United States. The original name of the company was American Airways, which was conceived through the acquisition of 80 different airlines in 1930. The smaller airlines that were acquired included, Southern Air Transport in Texas, Southern Air Fast Express (SAFE) in the western United States, Universal Aviation in the Midwest, amongst a few others. With the airlines working under one name they were able to provide a much simpler way to travel and like many early carriers then, American earned it’s the most by carrying U.S. Mail. By 1933 American Airways operated a transcontinental route network serving 72 cities. In 1934 American Airlines was created by E.L. Cord who acquired American Airways and renamed it. The new owner, E.L Cord, hired C. R. Smith a Texas businessman. Smith began to work Donald Douglas in a project where they would pioneer a new phase of airline industry. Smith and Douglas worked and developed the DC-3, exclusively for American Airlines. This new plane was known as the flagships and the American Airlines’ DC-3 allowed for the company to be made the first airline to be able to operate a route that could earn a profit solely by transporting passengers, instead of relying solely in mail transportation. American Airlines was not only the first to profit from passengers but was also the first to cooperate with Fiorello LaGuardia to build an airport in New York City. This strong beginning set an expectation for the company to be a leader and an innovator.
As the years passed the company maintained their success. Even in the company’s low points the company remained strong and knew where the company needed to go to survive and thrive. As the years…...

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