Ageism, Sexism and Racism

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These three, ageism, racism and sexism, (all in the –ism class) have one thing in common. The common thing among them is that they are forms of discrimination. What differs is the basis of discrimination. Discrimination of any form is not a good thing. This is so because discrimination brings pain and sorrow to the discriminated ones. In itself discrimination has its own forms of sanctions from those perpetrating the stereotyping act. As related to racism the base of discrimination is race or color of the skin, sexism is based on whether one is female or male. In short these three forms of racism are different based on the basis of discrimination.
Ageism is a form of discrimination that is based on the age of the person or group of people. In normal case a group of people with one or similar age range can be discriminated. The young people who are under five years can be discriminated against. The millennials can be discriminated based on their chronological years. However, generally, ageism refers to the old people of a certain age. In my reading I came across what is termed positive ageism, which seems to describe good things done to the old people. In my country all old people above 65 years do not pay medical costs in government hospital. This is positive ageism. However in most cases ageism is discrimination where there are some negative sanctions. Old people may be considered to be useless, senseless and old fashioned, for example. Why this type of ageism is bad is because some people tend not to take care of these old people, some do not listen to what they say. However some old people have got a lot to assist the younger generation. Another example I came across is that as a form of segregation the old people are targeted, for example by criminals. They become easy targets because they seem helpless. In some…...

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