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Campaign Objectives Strategic Plan Media Strategy Cost Estimates

• To raise awareness on the possibility of shopping for Mauritian tourist products on the Internet.

• To introduce as the ultimate website for buying Mauritian tourist products.

• To encourage tourists to visit and shop on the site.

• Signet with detachable card:
- Inserted in Tourist Magazines. - Distributed in Brochure Dispenser at Airport. - Distributed via Affiliated Shop Outlets. - Distributed via Travel Agents & Tour Operators. - Distributed via Taxis & Cellular Phone Rental Agents.

• Airport :
- Banners - Flight Information Display Screen (FIDS) - Trolley Advertising - Product Display & Promotion Stand - ‘La Première Valise’ - Performance Advertising

• Internet Banner :
- A direct link on the Servihoo and/or Air Mauritius homepage to



• A highly noticeable space with a longer life than traditional print. The signet can be adapted to include a detachable portion with basic site information which may be kept for reference. • Various magazine options are available with varying cost and distribution profiles (see attached media schedule proposal). • Distribution through Affiliated Shop Outlets offers added value at no further cost and raises awareness of the outlets. • Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Cellular Phone Rental Agents, & Taxis offer excellent interface with tourists which is exploitable.

The airport offers a unique point of transit for all in-bound and out-bound tourists. Daily traffic at the airport varies between 4,000 and 8,000 with an estimated 1.5 Million for the year. • Banners are strategically placed…...

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