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Can companies gain competetive advantage from multicultural differences in their workforce ?

As the business world gets ever more connected, it is more critical than ever for global organizations to recruit, develop, and retain multicultural leaders who can navigate the myriad opportunities and challenges their companies face. Multicultural workforce can offer cultural competence or cultural intelligence; this can allow them to work effectively in cross-cultural situations. For example, they may have more than one ethnicity or spent time working abroad, where they likely would have experienced adjusting to a different culture. This can make them more culturally sensitive than a manager who hasn't worked with people from other cultures or regions.
Managing diversity is about recognizing the unique contribution each employee can make to the organization. It is about creating an environment in which everyone feels valued, welcomed, and able to make an important contribution toward the attainment of corporate objectives. Additionally, companies facing challenges in competing global marketplace for market share can use diversity as "competitive advantage" in a multicultural environment with a diverse pool of talented and experienced individuals who can bring innovation and creativity to the organization. Diversity is not only associated to limited attributes that can be observed but also to those invisible characteristics such as differences in educational background, creativity, understanding, learning style, and problem-solving ability. So, organizational performances and processes can be influenced by an individual or a group representing different categories of diversity within a workplace. (van Knippenberg and Schippers, 2007). Diversity is defined as "any dimension that can be used to differentiate groups and people from one another". Hence, diversity affects…...

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