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Adoption in the Middle School Years

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Adoption in the Middle School Years

To adopt a child means to take another’s child and raise him/her as one’s own. The process of adoption will have numerous rewarding experiences as well as difficult ones. When it comes to adopting a child in the middle school years, more challenges will present themselves than in any other age group. During this age, children begin to develop a sense of identity and begin to question their life experiences and their biological parents. School-aged children at this age go through numerous significant developmental changes. Much of their identity is derived from their family and peers in their lives. However, for adopted children, developing an identity is more complicated than non-adopted children. They have to assimilate two separate families and biological backgrounds as they explore how they fit in and the person they are growing up to be. Many of these children often face self-esteem issues and self-worth, and that is what makes them different from other children. A majority of adopted children have difficulty building social relationships with those around them and this can lead to depression, low academic performance, and even aggression. It is clear to see why adopting a younger child would be much simpler, but older children need homes, as well.
Research 1

For many decades, adoption has become a highly successful solution for many adults who cannot provide for their children. Although adoption is viewed as a solution by those who cannot care for their children due to a variety of reasons, adoption can also be a problem. The common age group adoption plays an effect on are middle-aged children. Adoption influences the behavioral, social, and psychological functioning of children. Children from ages 6 to 8 are commonly seen in special education classes and need more attention. In a research article,…...

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