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Project No 2: Omega_Achme Case

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Q1. Identify the Structures followed by Omega & Achme.

Ans. From the case, it is evident that:

ACHME was following a very Centralized & Mechanistic Structure.

Omega was following an Organic Structure with some amount of decentralization.

Q2. Which organization succeeded in developing the prototype better?? Give structural reasons for the same.

Ans. Omega. Reasons:

1) The interaction factors were effectively deployed in Omega. Direct Contact was highly visible. Hierarchy of Authority, Jim Rawls reviewed the progress with team regularly. Organic Structure facilitated the participation of different departments to make it happen. The positive results were evident in following ways:

• Electrical department suggested an alternative to a sourcing issue of a critical part.

• Methods Engineer & Production workmen worked together displaying mutual adjustments to avoid problems that ACHME faced.

• People from all crucial departments i.e. Electrical, Mechanical, Industrial & Production worked together to ensure no snag in producing the prototype again displaying mutual adjustments & Team work.

Q3. Which organization got the final contract? Give structural reasons for the same.

Acme got the final contract.

Reasons: Centralised and mechanised structure, which proved to be a weakness when uncertainty was high as they have to develop a new prototype, proved to be the strength when there was high level of certainty in terms of what they are going to do and how they are going…...

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