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Iam a focused individual, good communicator, team leader and player. I am flexible and adaptable, willing to take up new challenges, learn new things and take up new projects. I also manage to withstand and absorb pressure, shocks and stress.



2007 Good Samaritan Tech Teach Certificate of Completion in Tally

2002 Soroti Computer Bureau Certificate of Completion in Ms Word and Ms Excel

1999-2001 Uganda College of Commerce, Tororo Uganda Diploma in Business Studies (UDBS)

1997-1998 Kisoko High School, Tororo Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE)

1993-1996 Lwala Girls S.S.S Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE)

1986-1992 Bukedea Dem Primary School Primary Leaving Examination (PLE)


Working as Accountant in Golf Course Investments (Apartments)
▪ Raising invoices and receipts ▪ Balancing cash at the end of the day. ▪ Raising vouchers ▪ Following up debtors ▪ Preparing PAYE, NSSF ▪ Faxing ▪ Paying employees ▪ Liaising with external auditors in carrying out audit of accounts ▪ Filling ▪ Receiving cash and cheques from clients. ▪ Reconciliation of accounts. ▪ Writing Cheques. ▪ Issuing statements of accounts to debtors when required. ▪ Checking on all creditors’ invoices before presenting for approval to the directors. ▪ Reports
SEPT 2002 – OCT 2003
Worked with Unilever Uganda Limited (Soroti Branch) as a Distributor’s Sales Representative
▪ Daily Stock Taking ▪ Marketing products. ▪ Going to the Field ▪ Banking cash ▪ Balancing books of accounts ▪ Management of the office ▪ Bank reconciliation ▪ Merchandising Products ▪ Raising invoices and receipts ▪ Supplying Stock ▪ Receiving cash from customers
OCT 2001-OCT 2002
Worked with Tropical Tobacco Stores (Soroti Branch) as a cashier

▪ Receiving cash from Clients ▪ Banking cash ▪ Daily stock taking ▪ Management of the office ▪ Any other duties assigned

OTHER SKILLS GAINED ▪ Management ▪ Communication skills ▪ Attained computer knowledge in Ms-Word, Ms- Excel and Tally


Language Writing Speaking Reading

English Excellent Excellent Excellent
Ateso Excellent Excellent Excellent
Kiswahili Fair Fair Fair
Luganda Basic Basic Basic


1. Mrs. Nyakato Della Kalanzi The General Manager Golf Course investments Limited (Apt) P.O Box 22774 Kampala Tel: 0712 -589535

2. Asirim Margaret Uganda Management Institute Kampala Tel: 0772-877680

3. Oluka Samuel Universal Research Company P.O Box 28745 Kampala…...

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