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Scholarship Programs Essay

“How do you believe that a Keller Graduate School of Management degree curriculum, integrated with Becker CPA review methodology will help you to succeed and meet your career goals?”

Domanique Sylvester
Keller Graduate School of Management
August 31, 2010

I obtained a degree in business administration from DeVry Institute of Technology in June 2002. Over the last five years, I have worked in the finance industry as a Mortgage Loan Originator for one of the largest financial companies in Georgia. My bachelor’s degree equipped me the necessary knowledge and skills to run any business entity. Combining these with my entrepreneurial skills, I was able to start my own income tax company.
Keller Graduate School of Management will allow me to obtain my Master of Accounting degree and at the same time prepare me for the CPA exam. With Keller offering both Accounting degree courses and an opportunity to prepare for the CPA exams through the Becker CPA review methodology. I am confident that my enrollment at Keller Graduate will make me achieve my dream.
However, I am striving to further my business knowledge and skills to become a Certified Public Accountant for a Fortune 500 company and the same time open more income tax branches. I believe that enrolling for the CPA exam at Becker will thus advance my business capability to propelling me to attain my desire of employing more people, and travel from business to business educating individuals about taxes.
Keller School has its course curriculum tailored to the need of its students and this makes the school stand out among other business schools. They offer a rich and very flexible program which will allow me to run my business and at the same time study towards the degree and the CPA exam. Their courses are offered online and will give me the opportunity to manage other commitments.…...

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