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Industry View on Academic Programme Development: An Empirical Study Suhaidah Hussain1*, Jalal Hanaysha2, Mohd Syahril Ibrahim3 1&2Faculty of Business & Management, International College of Automotive (ICAM), 26607 Pekan Pahang, Malaysia,
2Faculty Legal Department, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.


Automotive education trend in Malaysia is rapidly growing in both skills and academic based qualifications. There are various programmes offered by public and private educational institutions. The offers of these programmes are relevant to the automotive industry demand in Malaysia. The upstream and downstream process of automotive and service industry covers the production of automotive components, manufacturing, assembly, distribution and inspection. This study is conducted on Automotive Education Institution (“AEI”) in East Coast Malaysia which offers diplomas and undergraduates academic programmes in Engineering and Technology, in addition to Business and Management. The objective of this study is to acquire the automotive and services industry feedback prior to the development of new academic programmes. In developing new programmes for future offerings, a survey was conducted among the subsidiary companies of the automotive conglomerate in Malaysia. A survey method was used for collecting the data from 16 subsidiary companies totalling of 323 respondents from various positions. The findings indicated that AEI has the ability to develop relevant programmes for the institution which can cater the needs of automotive and services industry in Malaysia. These findings would assist the AEI in the preparation of teaching and learning facilities as well as the academic staff.

Type of Paper: Empirical Study

Keywords: Automotive Education Institution; Automotive and Services; Academic Programme Development

[ 1 ]. * Corresponding author: E-mail: Affiliation: Faculty of Business & Management, International College of Automotive…...

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