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CLO Students should be able to integrate dimensions of social responsibility in managerial decision making (CLO2)

|Aspect/ Performance Area |Exemplary |Satisfactory |Unsatisfactory |Score |
| |(3) |(2) |(1) | |
|Rational for sustainable |Clarity in describing the |Identifies the rational based |Has a vague idea of the rational | |
|business/CSR |alignment between business |on a few pertinent facts |and does not have facts to support| |
|(5 marks) |goals and social goals on the | |the same. | |
| |basis of facts | | | |
|Identifies CSR/Sustainability |Explains the logic of various |Determines some logic to |Is not sure about the logic of | |
|Dimensions |CSR/ Sustainability dimensions|explain CSR dimension |various CSR dimensions | |
|(5 marks) |incorporated by the company | |incorporated by the company | |
|Analyses the impact of CSR |Appropriately appraises the |Partially appraises the |Has difficulty in analyzing the | |
|Actions |CSR/Sustainability undertaken |CSR/Sustainability undertaken |impact of the CSR/Sustainability | |
|(5 marks) |by the company based on data |by the company based on…...

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