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Tahmina Amin
HDEC 100
Essential Service Worker Skills
Assessment Task 1 (observation #3)
ABC Record
Instructor: Carol Burbee
Date: March 10th, 2016

Student’s Name: Gavin Kyle Date: Feb. 19, 2015
Student’s Age: 3 years 4 months Observer: Tahmina Amin
Location/setting: Discovery Daycare
Focus: emotional and dependant behaviours
Definition of behaviour: unwillingness to share with peers.

|Time |Antecedents |Behaviour |Consequences |
|9:00 |Gavin sits quietly in the corner|Gavin defiantly yells, “no” and |Teacher tells Gavin to apologize|
| |of the room, playing with the |runs away from other student, |and share toys with peers. |
| |toy car. Another kid asks to |with the toy car. | |
| |play. | | |
|10:45 |Gavin sits down and starts to |Gavin swats LEGO out of a peers |Teacher urges Gavin to build a |
| |build a tall tower-like |hand and takes all of it. |structure together with a peer. |
| |structure out of pieces of LEGO.| | |
|1:30 |Gavin go’s to kitchen for snack |Gavin takes the last pudding |Teacher tells Gavin to apologize|
| |time. He starts eating pudding. |from his peer and marches away. |and return the pudding to his |
| | | |peer. |
|4:30 |Gavin loses a small red ball |Gavin finds a peer with an |Teacher encourages Gavin to |
| |that he was kicking around the |identical red ball and takes the|share the ball with his peers. |
| |room. |ball away. | |

Comments/background information: Gavin has not yet developed any friendships with his peers.

Based on my observations it is clear that Gavin struggles to share. This may be because of one of the two following reasons; children may not feel a sense of connection or something has happened that reminded them of hurtful times. Adults often don’t realize how much time passes between moments where they offer emotional warmth and connection. Gavin seems to be unable to share without help.

I will provide him with daily opportunities to connect and be relaxed with someone who he feels safe and connected to, by giving him lots of time to play with other children so he will be able to share well. I will encourage him to engage in partner and group activities like playing pretend and doing big puzzles. I will compliment him when he does share so he will be encouraged to share more. I will also time him so he knows how much time he has to play.…...

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