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754 • Case 24 • ABC Chemical Company Goes Global The ongoing economic recession in Japan will continue to erode consumer purchasing power and confidence; luxury goods will suffer as consumers move toward cheaper products. This is already becoming evident: consumption of cognac and premium whisky is declining in Japan. Since TWO DOGS was launched in 1998, there has been massive growth in the sales volume of cheaper products, such as ‘‘Can Chu-Hi’’ and ‘‘Hyoketsu Chu-Hi’’. These locally made Japanese brands are, in convenience stores, almost half the price of fully imported TWO DOGS. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS 1. Should TWO DOGS maintain its premium price and thus risk losing volume growth to cheaper products during the recession? 2. What effect would lowering its price have on its brand positioning? 3. Would lowering its price require TWO DOGS to change to a licensing strategy? If so, should local production be in Japan? Or in nearby Asian countries with lower manufacturing costs, such as China or Thailand? 4. What other options does TWO DOGS have? Could the company change to a multi-brand strategy by introducing a new brand targeting the low-end segment?


ASE 24

Driven by competitive pressures, and the attractiveness of the industry’s fastest growing market in the world, a U.S.-based chemical manufacturer, ABC Chemical Company (name changed to maintain confidentiality) considered expansion into Asia, specifically, China. William Smith is the International Marketing manager for ABC Chemical Company. William has been tasked with expanding ABC’s manufacturing and distribution to the Asia Pacific region. Many changes in the powder coating industry have forced ABC to reconsider their global strategy. To date, they have exclusively manufactured and exported from the Americas. Higher costs and tougher competition have forced ABC to…...

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