A Study of Nike's Operation in Bangladesh Through a Pestle Analysis

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A Study of Nike’s Operations in Bangladesh Through a PESTLE Analysis

Sarah Seward-Langdon
Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
MAN311 Business in the Asia-Pacific Region
Dr. Donald Pak
October 30, 2015
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Table of Contents Executive SummaryIntroduction of Bangladesh PESTLE Analysis of Bangladesh Political Situation Economical Situation Social Situation Technological Situation Legal Situation Environmental SituationIntroduction of NikeNike AnalysisMini-SWOTNike in Relation to Bangladesh PESTLE AnalysisConclusionReferences | 344467789101111121416 |

Executive Summary The Asia-Pacific region is a diverse and growing area spanning approximately 28,000 square kilometers worldwide (Lane and Waggener, 1997). Countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea have seen unprecedented growth in recent history and are now part of the top 15 world economies (Central Intelligence Agency, 2015). Although which countries are considered part of the region is heavily controversial, many professionals agree that it is one of the most promising areas for business investments. This paper aims to provide a deeper insight into one of the still impoverished countries in the Asia-Pacific region: Bangladesh. After a short introduction of Bangladesh, an in-depth PESTLE analysis will be done on the country’s situation. Before corporations decide to invest in a country, it is extremely important to have all the facts. Through a PESTLE interpretation, the advantages and disadvantages of Bangladesh’s current situation will become clearer. Following the country’s analysis, the report gives a brief overview of Nike Inc. Then the main focus shifts to some of Nike’s more pressing problems, as well as its strategies and operations in Bangladesh. Questions such as “What did Nike do to become a recognized world brand?” or “What has Nike done in Bangladesh to succeed?” are often in…...

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