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First in human prehistory paper
ANTH 250

For my first human history paper I choose to create a scenario of the use of fire. I will first start off by explaining a little information about the history of fire. In addition, transition into a story of how fire was controlled back in the prehistory time. In conclusion explains how the development of fire changed the world we now live in.
What is fire? To humans in this present time it is the visible effect of the process of combustion, a special type of chemical reaction. It occurs between oxygen in the air and some sort of fuel. However to Homos eructs what was fire? Before answering that question lets for identify the history of fire.
Through the centuries there has been a connection of fire with the cultural growth of humanity and it relates to the antiquity of fire and its importance in tracing the history of early progress. The controlled use of fire was an invention of the Early Stone Age. Homo erectus were does individuals that marked the difference between early ape-men, and their primate cousins. Controlled fire was first established in the African continent and it paved a new road for humankind. Many of these Homo erectus in fact might have showed early signs of grilling skills. Cooking food through fire allowed humans to cook food non-rare and obtained warmth and protection. By the creation of fire it gave Homo erectus more expansion on doing things through out the night, also providing protection from predators and insects.
Who were these ape-men named Homos erectus? Homo erectus appeared to have evolved in Africa about 1.8 million years ago. They were the first to possess tools to make a use fire and more intellectual to their counter parts.
Now that we gather the information of fire and the first human’s species to control fire, now we can move on to our theory on what happened to…...

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