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First The New World 2001: -

In the 1990s, the pharmaceutical industry has increased. As in the market, sales increased by about
10% in this sector and U.S. $ 350 billion up to 2001. Trend remains the same and the U.S. dominate the pharmaceutical market in the world. Make the fastest growing market in this sector over the next three years. Although the data we obtain in case they reflect the same. The sales figures for the
United States increased by GSK in 7705 2000-9410 years, in 2003, an increase of 22%. Also in Europe has increased from 4268 to 200-5114 years in 2003, an increase of 19% and the rest of the world accounted for only 6% of the increase.

The industry has experienced significant change and consolidation, mergers and acquisitions are becoming increasingly popular in the strategy of the pharmaceutical industry. In 1990, Top 10 Global
Business accounted for 28% of this market sector as a whole, but changed with changes in business strategy in this area to 45% in 2000 and should continue to grow in the coming years. It is a fact that the industry is growing faster if diversification and mergers and acquisitions business strategy is the central or pivotal, as it provided the basic skills available to fight against the challenges and obstacles. The main challenges the industry is the rising cost of R & D, obtaining approvals for new products and the time of testing and implementation, intense competition from generics and follow etc.
Especially the reasons force pharmaceutical companies to stay on the basics and focus on the allocation of non-core activities.

Second context: -

"All marriages are happy. Later, he creates life problems." (Anonymous)

Why mergers and acquisitions take place? The reason to grow and improve productivity, increase market penetration performance, improve the share price, share costs, etc. These are…...

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