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A Good Orientation Is Essential for All New Employees

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“A good orientation is essential for all new employees, whether they have experience or not”.

I would say that I strongly agree with the statement above because the orientation for new employees is an issue that has be faced by every organization. Orientation training and the socialization of the new employees is an important concept for any organization to follow after an employee is hired. Although other terms, such as induction and indoctrination are also used, orientation is most accurately reflective of the real meaning and process.

Orientation is basically training and learning. It is the process of familiarizing new employees with the organization, their job and their work unit. Orientation procedures vary widely from organization to organization. Generally, their purpose is to enable new employees to fit in so that they become productive members of the organization. A newcomer may need several hours, several weeks or several months of work with other employees to become completely familiar with the organization.

In recent years, many organizations have realized that the socialization process begin in orientation and can make significant difference to new employees. “Our workforce is easily trainable” , said Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam, Minister of Human Resources Malaysia, on the efforts taken by government and private sector in producing skilled Malaysian workers to face the challenges in the future. It is means that the orientation can be implemented in all sectors to ensure the improvement of the organization.


Based on the Oxford Advanced Leaner’s Dictionary, 8th Edition (pg. 1038& pg. 480), the term orientation is means the type of aims or interest that a person or organization…...

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