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A Case Analysis on Charles’ Clamps Corporation Structuring Short Term Liabilities: Sequential Method

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Charles’ Clamps Corporation

Charles’ Clamps Corporation
Western Pennsylvania
Date of Submission

A case analysis on “Charles’s Clamps Corporation Structuring Short term Liabilities: Sequential Method”

Date of Submission: 21/05/2012

Submitted To:
Md. Monzur Morshed Bhuyia
Associate professor
Department of Finance
Jagannath University

Submitted By:
Group No. 10 (E.I.C)


ROLL NO | NAME | CGPA | WORK LOAD | CASEWRITE UP | PRESENTATION | TOTAL | 07882689 | NUR- E- ALAM SARKER | 3.65 | 14% | | | | 07882694 | MD. RASHEDUL ISLAM | 3.20 | 13.25% | | | | 07882709 | KHANDAKER SHAHIDUL HOQUE | 3.70 | 15% | | | | 07882717 | MD. MASUD KAISER | 3.19 | 13.25% | | | | 07882724 | SHAJIB SAHA | 3.05 | 13.5% | | | | 07882725 | IMRUL KAYES | 3.52 | 14.5% | | | | 06651367 | UDAY SHANKAR SARKER | 3.42 | 16.5% | | | |

21 MAY, 2012
Associate professor
Dept. of Finance
Jagannath University.
SUBJECT: Prayer for letter of transmittal.

We beg to state that, we the students of 2nd batch of department of Finance are submitting a report on the course WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (FIN-4208). The name of the report is “a case analysis on CHARLES’ CLAMPS CORPORATION STRUCTURING SHORT TERM LIABILITIES: SEQUENTIAL METHOD.” We have made this report according to your instructions. We made a group effort in making this report.
So we therefore, pray and hope that you would be kind enough in receiving our report and oblige us thereby.
We remain sir,
The students of
2nd batch.
Dept. of Finance
Jagannath University

Company profile
Company Name: Charles’ Clamps Corporation
Founder’s Name: Charles Jackson

Charles’ clamps corporation was a family owned firm headquartered in western Pennsylvania. The firm produced clamps of various types…...

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