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A Beautiful Mind
Plot Summary: A Beautiful Mind is a biographical film portraying a brilliant mathematician, John Nash who is diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia in his early thirties. As a Princeton Scholar, Nash spends his days obsessing with numbers in order to come up with a revolutionary mathematical equation. He leads a secretive life as a government spy and code breaker and later wants to quit the job because it poses threat to his wife, Alicia. It is only after half the film that Nash is convinced that most events and people including his job are only illusions within his mind.
Disorder: Schizophrenia is a psychiatric disorder that leads to a breakdown of personality functioning caused by a withdrawal from reality (Delusions, hallucinations and socially withdrawn), emotional blunting (Anhedonia) and distortion and disturbances in thought and behavior (Inappropriate emotions). Paranoid Schizophrenia is a common subtype of Schizophrenia indicated by constant and recurring delusions and hallucinations, generally with persecution or grandiosity.
An early sign of social isolation is seen as Nash attends Princeton welcome party. He isolates himself from his friends and when the situation demands social interaction he displays socially awkward gestures such as avoiding eye contact by looking down, not introducing himself and keeping conversations short by simply walking away. His first symptom of hallucination is in his dormitory, of his roommate, Charles. Charles Herman, his so called ‘best friend’ tends to appear when John is upset. He is also seen playing snooker alone at the bar. A symptom of his anti-social behavior is on the university roof when John declares to Charles that he does not like people and that people do not like him. Another sign of social isolation is when he is found studying alone at the bar with his friends…...

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