60% of Uk Companies Have Suffered a Security Breac

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Now, Datamonitor predicts that there is a real business case for PKI as the business world braces itself for an explosion in online communications and transactions. Datamonitor believes that PKI products and services will grow at an average rate of 73% year on year until 2003, providing extensive opportunities for software developers, systems integrators, professional service providers and specialist PKI service providers. Total revenues from PKI will increase from $641 million in 1999 to $3.5 billion in 2003. Ongoing PKI services, such as the registration and authentication of individuals and institutions will largely be outsourced. As such these services will be a major consideration in the PKI market, given the key roles of authentication and establishing trust, which is assumed by the so-called TTPs. Whether the authentication function is assumed by a business, government agency or a commercial TTP, the issuance of digital certificates creates ongoing costs. At $70 million in 1999, revenues from outsourced PKI services are still small, reflecting the present lack of fully operable PKI solutions and the current focus on the business community. Revenues from PKI services will rise significantly as B2C E-commerce grows. Datamonitor expects revenues from outsourced PKI services to reach $595 million in 2003. For further information, contact Krishna Rao at Datamonitor on Tel: +44 (0)171 316 0001; Fax: +44 (0)171 316 0002; E-mail: krao@datamonitor.com; Web site: www.datamonitor.com.

60% of UK companies have suffered a security breach
Results of the UK’s biggest and widely recognized survey on information security breaches reveals that 60% of companies interviewed have suffered a security breach within the past two years. Sixty-four percent of companies with a serious breach maintained that ‘nothing has changed’ since the breach occurred. Forty percent of…...

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