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6. What Are the Two Most Important Concepts from This Exercise That Will Help You in Future Contract Negotiations?

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SENIOR PROJECT 2011 Final Report

Christopher Planck Kesha Wilcoxson Ricci Cashwell Steven Thompson

Table of Contents Item | Page # | Table of Contents | 2 | Executive Summary | 3 | SWOT | 4 | Market Analysis | 5-6 | Competitive Analysis | 6-7 | Financial Analysis | 7-10 | Financial Recommendations | 10-12 | Strategic Planning Recommendations/ Conclusion | 12 | Work Cited | 13 |

Executive Summary
Cango is an Internet startup that retails a variety of products and services, ranging from books and videos to online gaming services. To do away with the growing pains of a new e-business, there are numerous ideas on how Cango can be a long lived success in the online gaming industry.
We will answer the following questions: * What should we do with the $130M received as a result of the IPO? * Should we go through with purchase of the Automated Storage & Retrieval System? * What should we do with the online gaming company? * How can we improve the annual holiday rush? * How can we improve performance management?
The company must have a vision statement that reflects on clear company beliefs and culture. We must create a clear company strategic plan to focus on all teams to include a clear decision-making/planning matrix. The company must go forward with the purchase of the Automated…...

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