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5 Top Things Seeking in a Significant Other

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Yesterday, I interviewed my best friend to define the top 5 things she sought in a significant other. At first, she told me that she is now falling in love with a Frenchman who is 5 years older than her, and they live in the different countries at present. She is living in China, while her significant other is living in France. After listen my question, she thought for a while and then told me her 5 top things seeking in a significant other: 1) faithful; 2) clever; 3) mature; 4) education; 5) family background.
First of all, faithful is the most important thing to seek in a significant other, she thought. Since, if the person did not have faith, he would easily change his mind of love. What worse is that if the couple got married, and then the wife found that his husband fell in love with another woman, it would cause many troubles. The most important is that it will hurt each other’s heart. The Secondary is that on one hand, if they decided not to divorce, the wife would not easily believe the husband’s words in the future. On the other hand, if the couple which had children decided to divorce, the kids would lose their father or mother.
Second is clever which she meant an inner-beauty. I asked her why she must seek a clever man. She responded that because she was a clever person, the significant other have to be wise so that they can manage to intellectual communication on mind. It will help to know each other more easily and ensure to keep a steady relationship.
The third top thing is mature which contains a lot of qualities. Such as a mature man would not cleave to his girlfriend all the day because he should leave enough private space between them two; and a mature man could take care of women since he respects to women and he knows what they really want; and a mature man can balance his work and his private life so that he will not lose his job because he…...

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