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Recess is very important to kids in fourth grade. Well at least to me it was, so important I risked getting in trouble for it one day. I got a bad grade on one of my math tests. When we got a bad grade on a test in that class we were always supposed to get it signed by our parents, or we would have to lose our recess. Losing my recess was a horrible thing to me, no four square or jump rope? I could not have that.
In the fourth grade I decided that instead of going outside and playing four square, jump rope or hop scotch, I was going to get a call home and a spanking from my parents when I got there. Yea, you could say I chose the wrong choice. Not intentionally of course.
Right before recess my fourth grade teacher at commodore, Mrs. Carey asked for all the signed tests. I forgot to have my mom sign my test so I forged her signature thinking I was going to get away with it, I was so wrong. Not only did it look bad but I also only wrote her first name. My teacher noticed it right away. I did not go to recess at all, she kept me in class. Mrs. Carey took me to the front office to call home but not before lecturing me about how forging a signature can put me in jail. I cried so much to the teacher but it didn’t help anything.
Once I got home I had to go straight to my room. My dad came in a little later, he sure did spank me. No matter how much he didn’t want to. I didn’t think my dad would ever spank me but I guess I did something very bad. He even apologized that he had to do that but I deserved it. I was grounded for at least two weeks and had to sit on the pole at lunch and do any work I could for one week. It is safe to say that I have never even thought about forging any signatures ever…...

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