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Lost Souls
They say love is blind. Is it really? Julienne is always usually with her friends out in the playground after school, and meanwhile, Adrian is always very quiet at all times, during school and out of school, Julienne starts to notice that he doesn’t have much friends and he always seemed to push everyone away, and she starts to wonder, but why? Adrian usually lies in one spot under a huge tree which is beside this huge playground; he would lay there for hours watching the clouds go by. Julienne ended up seeing him because she also goes there every day to play with her friends; she decided to approach him when all her friends had to leave. July 27th, 2016; 5;30pm; “Hey Adrian, I’ve noticed that you always seem to be lonely, would you like to become friends?” Julienne says. “But, why would you want to become friends with me?” Adrian replies. “Why not?! You seem like a pretty cool dude to be around with although you’re very quiet and shy, I’m surely confident that we could get along and become close friends!” Julienne says. “Sure, sorry if I’m not the most entertaining person but once you get to know me more, I’ll surely open up and probably be more comfortable speaking to you” Adrian replies. “Would you mind if I sit beside you and we could ask each other questions so we could get to know each other more” Julienne asks. “Go ahead, I don’t mind at all. I’ll ask you a question first, when’s your birthday?” Adrian replies and asks. “My birthday is on the 30th of July, how about you? Do you have any siblings? Julienne asks. “Mine is on the 22nd of October, it seems like you’re just a couple of months older than me, and yeah, I used to but they’re all gone. My parents, siblings, and everyone I’ve been close to have left and that’s why I choose to push everyone away because they just end up leaving me all alone.” Adrian replies. “Oh, sorry for bringing that up…...

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