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Appendix C — Paper I — Evaluation Guide

The reader is reminded that the solutions are developed for the UFE candidate, therefore all the complexities of a real life situation may not be fully reflected in the following solution. The UFE
Report is not an authoritative source of GAAP.
Memo to:

StarNova Executive Committee
SableTel’s 2010 Year-End and 2011 Strategic Plan

As requested, I have assessed the strategic plan as formulated by the CEO of SableTel, Dan Wilson. I have also identified issues associated with the 2010 financial results and I have assessed the financial condition and future prospects of SableTel.
Primary Indicator #1
The candidate provides an audit plan, recalculates the CRTC Fee, and provides auditing procedures to test the accuracy of the Fee calculation.


The candidate demonstrates competence in Assurance.

VI-1 – Analyzes, evaluates and advises on assurance needs (A)
VI-2.2 – Evaluates the implications of key risks and business issues for the assignments (A)
VI-2.4 – Develops guidelines to set the extent of assurance work, based on the scope and expectations of the assignment (A)
VI-2.5 – Designs appropriate procedures based on the assignment’s scope, risk and materiality guidelines (A)
VI-2.10 – Prepares information for meetings with stakeholders (A)
SableTel has received a letter from the CRTC, which has threatened to revoke its operating licence based on the 2009 CRTC Fee as calculated by SableTel. The letter, dated September 5, 2010, requires
SableTel to recalculate and submit its 2009 Fee, as well as calculate and submit its 2010 Fee by
November 30, 2010. Since SableTel cannot operate without a licence, this matter requires my immediate attention. John McReynolds has…...

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