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David Vuong
1055 N. Capitol Ave unit #52
San Jose, CA 95133
Mobile: (831)-578-2440


Part-Time position at *company name* as *position title*


Current San Jose State University Undergraduate • Bachelor of Science: Accounting • Certification: Decision Sciences Certificate Program

Work Experience

Accurate Investment, Inc. (San Jose, CA, October 2007 – January 2008)
Administrative Assistant • Managed new and old client accounts and preformed other clerical duties such as receiving incoming phone calls. • Preformed various Quicken and Quick Books tasks for company databases as well as various IT Technical Repairs.

Kitchen, Bath and Beyond Remodeling, Inc. (San Jose, CA, April 2007 – October 2007)
Sales Associate and Showroom Manager • Demonstrated strong customer services skills by answering questions, delivering/receiving materials, and maintaining the showroom • Created Estimates, Purchase Orders, Receive Payments, and other data entry tasks on Quick Books

Triad Toys, Inc. (San Jose, CA, December 2006 – April 2007)
Marketing Internship and Assistant for the Chief Financial Officer • Entered Daily Sales and other data entry tasks on Quick Books • Preformed countless IT Technical repairs for company computers and servers • Modified and Reviewed manufacturing contracts from Chinese to English under the supervision of the leading International Translator

Sales Associate - Domestic and International Wholesale • Managed and coordinated several wholesale accounts both domestically and internationally in Europe and Asia • Interacted with clients regularly through email, Skype, and telephone • Organized, updated price lists, and opened new Wholesale Accounts for the company.


• Bilingual - Cantonese and English •…...

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