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Table of Contents 1 The issues 2 1.1 Recruitment Problems 2 1.2 No awareness of organization’s vision among the staff 2 1.3 Strong Labor Union 3 1.4 Hierarchical Structure 3 1.5 Lack of inter-personal Trust and mutual co-operation 3 1.6 No Staff Participation in Planning 3 1.7 No Performance based rewards 4 2 The Recommended Changes 4 2.1 Hiring on Merit 4 2.2 Communication of Organization’s vision 4 2.3 Problem Solving at Every Level 5 2.4 Dialogue with Labor Unions 5 2.5 Better Communication between Staff 5 2.6 Employee Participation in Planning 6 2.7 Performance Based Incentives 6 2.8 Improvement in Work Environment 7 3 Benefits of implementing the changes 7 3.1 Productivity 7 3.2 Profitability 8 3.3 Better Quality of Products 8 3.4 Satisfied Workforce 8 3.5 A Better image for the Organization 9 4 Costs of the Changes 9 4.1 Strained Relations with Union 9 4.2 Complexity in Hierarchical Structure 9 4.3 Flawed Appraisals 10 5 The impact on the organization 10 5.1 Employees taking personal responsibility 10 5.2 Self-Monitoring 10 5.3 Continuous Improvement in Performance 10 5.4 Proactive Approach 11 5.5 Helping the groups for better productivity 11 6 Bibliography 12

Supersavers Ltd.
The issues
It is the responsibility of a person working as Head of Human Resources (HR) department to formulate an ideal HR strategy, which may result in the optimum level of participation from the staff and achievement of desired business objectives in an efficient manner (Garavan, et al., 2001). At present, Safeway is running like an old-fashioned organization and the control structure is strongly hierarchical in nature. It is useful to identify the key weaknesses before suggesting any changes to introduce…...

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