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Unit 6 Advanced Spreadsheet Skills
Assignment 6.1
This assignment covers the following grading criteria (P1, P2, P5, M1, and D1)

The assessed tasks in this unit are based on the scenario below


MNK is a local company who publish 10 different magazines/newspapers in a variety of languages specifically for the Bradford area. They have been approached by other cities interested in their work. MNK are therefore looking to expand their operation to at least one more large city. To achieve this they will need to apply for extra funding from their bank.

To support the funding application, the company needs to analyse and review the sales data and costs for the last financial year, which is included in Appendix A. This will require the production of a working spreadsheet model which will enable the production of suitable reports and graphs of current and predicted sales and financial data.

You have been approached by MNK to create this spreadsheet model. By using the MNK Sales Data provided, your spreadsheet will hopefully show that MNK is a well run business, capable of expansion. You need to carry out the tasks listed below. Successful completion of these tasks may enable you to achieve the following grading criteria:

P1 - create a complex spreadsheet that is fit for purpose and check accuracy
P2 - use formulae and functions to solve a complex problem
P5 – use conversion facilities to export the contents of a spreadsheet to an alternative format
M1 - check accuracy of a spreadsheet using a range of appropriate techniques and explain the choice of techniques used
D1 - evaluate a spreadsheet, its fitness for purpose and its effectiveness in providing information to meet a particular user need

Task 1 (P1) • Produce a spreadsheet and input the sales data from Appendix A. • Ensure that your spreadsheet includes complex formulae…...

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