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1. What Is Your Opinion of Nasa Today? Is It a Vital Agency to This Nation? Is It Worth Spending Approximately 1/2 of a Penny on the Dollar (for Every Tax Dollar)?

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Most government agencies are wasteful. But NASA is a vital agency to this nation because it does push our country to develop technology. A lot of good science comes out of NASA.
The sad thing is that NASA is run by politicians who cannot or do not understand the agencies mission or its value to the economy. NASA's budget, although large compared to the average income, is very small compared to the national budget. It is one of the few agencies of the US government that actually put more money into the economy that it takes out. I think it is a worthwhile endeavor to explore the things around us. One positive thing about human curiosity is the survival value it brings. According to “A new private space industry could create ten thousand new jobs across the country in five years.” NASA and the aerospace industry provide thousands of jobs across the country they do more than just space exploration they also monitor our environment from space, procure satellites for other agencies and develop the next generation of aircraft technologies. I think President Obama’s reasons are not directly related to the current state of the economy. He has made clear that his priorities are the re-distribution of wealth away from those that are producing it to supply the needs of those that are not producing it. If the economy was booming, President Obama would not reinstate the programs he has canceled. But he will earn the political favor of those that he temporarily pretends to help, and that is the real goal.
I care about the future generations to come, and I believe that space exploration is one of several sensible ways to ensure that we have the ability to go beyond our limits on earth. NASA does not use much of our budget. We cannot take it for granted that our descendants will not have natural disasters that could destroy all or most humans. I think we owe it to…...

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